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Has Anyone Seen Winnie And Jean? — E.B. McHenry

on March 31, 2013
has anyone seen winnie and jean
Summary from Amazon:  Two beloved dogs, Winnie and Jean, have dug beneath the fence, escaped, and run off for some fun! While Winnie and Jean romp across the green and eat barbecue, two distraught children and an entire police force search far and wide. Will they ever be found? Will they ever come home? Well, yes . . . until they get the itch to run off again. Winnie! Jean!
Here’s the perfect read-aloud for anyone who has ever lost a dog–once, twice, or sadly more often than that!
ISBN-10: 1582349991
Also don’t forget to check if your local library has the book by clicking on the link Click here to find your local library near you and request the book!

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