The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Tea At Chado With The Children

on June 28, 2013

Emily is a very good photographer and took this pic of us having tea at Chado Tea Shop in Hollywood.  I really was craving the Yorkshire pudding stuffed with roast beef served by Edmund at the Rose Tree Cottage, however I gave my sister a gift certificate to Chado which needed to be redeemed before the expiration date.  And whenever Sir Edmund joins us for tea, he absolutely insists we drink his family’s blend which happens to be in stock at Chado (see pics).  Chado’s service was not as prompt compared to Sir Edmund’s favourite shop, the Rose Tree Cottage.  Sir Edmund repeatedly kept walking back into the kitchen demanding cup refills.  Sir Edmund will be taking Emily to London next month in anticipation of the arrival of the new royal puppy.

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