The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Emily Meet the Queen

on July 29, 2013
Today Emily spent the day sightseeing and shopping.  While shopping, Emily asked two local Londoners to recommend a good place for afternoon tea.  The two Londoners, Kate and Madeleine said they were on their way to Fortnum and Mason which serves an excellent afternoon tea.  Kate and Madeleine asked Emily if she would like to join them.  Over countless cups of tea and endless conversation, the three quickly became good friends.  After tea, Emily invited her two new friends back to the palace.  Emily was scheduled to meet the Queen on this trip, however she was expecting to meet the head of state under conditions of pomp and ceremony.  When the three arrived at Buckingham Palace, Emily noticed Sir Edmund and the Queen idly passing the time outside the front gate.  Upon seeing Emily and her two new friends, Sir Edmund introduced them, “This is my best friend, Liz.”  Emily and her friends were somewhat shocked at meeting the Queen in such an informal manner, but nevertheless preferred an introduction in this manner than being presented in a formal setting.  The Queen was so impressed with Emily’s grace and manners that she inquired as to why Emily did not hold a title.  Sir Edmund told the Queen that their father required Emily to either graduate from obedience school, learn some basic commands, or earn Canine Good Citizenship certification before she could be granted a title.  The Queen said, “Bugger her Daddy, we shall break protocol by granting her the title Lady Emily.”  Now everyone including Daddy must address Emily as “Lady” Emily.  Who am I to overrule a decision made by the Queen?”

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