The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Sir Edmund Graces The Cover Of National Trust Magazine

on July 29, 2013

In recognition of America’s independence, this month’s National Trust Magazine will feature an article highlighting several noteworthy British-Americans.  In honour of his philanthropic contributions and dedicated service to farm communities across Great Britain, Sir Edmund Windsor Lue, Baron of Pembroke was unanimously selected to grace this month’s cover (see below).  Sir Edmund hails from a proud and noble family of Welsh herders.  “Having nobility and titles is not about sitting on your fat arse in salons discussing current affairs while indulging on tea and crumpets!,” exclaimed the furry Welsh American baron.  “To be truly noble one must set an example, don their wellies and muck about in the mud for the greater good of society.”  Read the full story in July’s National Trust Magazine.


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