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Last Order Of Business For Sir Edmund Before Returning Home

on September 26, 2013

corgi-apple-harvest-pembroke-welsh-corgi-puppies-lyn-cook tumblr_madgj9X1OG1rugrt1o1_500

Everyone knows that Sir Edmund is overly fond of scrumpy cider.  Before returning to Los Angeles, Sir Edmund had to make sure everything was running smoothly at his family’s cider farm.  Sir Edmund’s Scrumpy Cider begins right here in the orchards that surround his family‘s farm.
Sir Edmund’s Scrumpy Cider Farm provides employment and financial assistance to hundreds of people in the region.  The community affectionately refers to Sir Edmund as “Sir Scrumpy.”
It was the very fertile and nutritious soil on which the small Herefordshire village of Much Marcle is built upon that first enticed Sir Edmund’s family to begin farming here.
Tucked between the Malvern Hills and the Welsh Hills, Much Marcle provides the perfect naturally sheltered habitat in which apples and perry pears thrive.
Healthy and juicy fruit is crucial at Sir Edmund’s Scrumpy Cider Farm, so he makes sure his orchards are cherished and nurtured all year round.
As most people are sad to say goodbye to summer, Sir Edmund doesn’t mind because saying hello to autumn means harvest. Harvest is the most important time of the year for Sir Edmund and the farm and mill. His family’s apples and perry pears are full of juice and ready to be picked and pressed into cider.
Each Autumn Sir Edmund’s cider farm presses approximately 18,000 tonnes of fruit- that’s about 25 million pints of cider!

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