The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Lady’s Emily New Haircut



Sir Edmund and Lady Emily finally arrived home in Los Angeles.  Snickers and Moy Moy picked up the traveling pair at LAX.  When Sir Edmund walked out of the airport he could not believe how hot it was here.  Had Sir Edmund known how hot the weather was in L.A. he would have stayed in London a few more weeks.  In this pic, Snickers, Moy Moy, and Sir Edmund are weary from the heat.

Meanwhile, Lady Emily does not appear affected by either jet lag or the hot temperature.  In fact, Lady Emily felt quite refreshed because right before their departure, Lady Emily made an appointment with Kate Middleton’s hair stylist, Rossano Ferretti at Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in London. The famed stylist charges upwards of 1,000 British pounds (or 1,535 American dollars).  I’m sure the reason Lady Emily chose Rossano would be that the cut he does is so natural — and Lady Emily is a great fan of looking natural.

Ferretti specializes in a cut he calls “The Method,” which emphasizes customizing each style to fit the client’s specific hair type. “[His cut] is absolutely low-maintenance, so it’s perfect for Lady Emily.  Rossano’s method is helping the hair do what it would do naturally, so there’s no need to blow dry or style it.  Kate Middleton was seen entering his salon just a little over a month ago.



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