The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Ringing Ears


Was your ears ringing? When someone is talking about you, your ears ring. Today

grandma talked very highly of your learned skill as the town cryer cuz of their

hearing impairments to relatives in Boston. Grandma called w/ happy new year

greeting to cousins in Toishan and Hong Kong and bragged about your keen

observational skills to act as service dog.

I thinks people in Toishan were more impressed cuz that only think of “canines”

as something to warm their bellies and blood. Grandpa had eaten dog meat and he

said it warms the whole body increasing the circulation. He also said that there

is a holiday where one celebrates with dog meat so everyone is feasting after

shopping in the open air market. I hope this info doesn’t give you nightmares.

Tell daddy to tug your ears to prevent any scary thoughts.


Auntie Beverly


Why are you scaring Edmund like that?  Edmund is pretty fearless when it comes to fireworks, intruders, and other dogs, yet he won’t even set foot in Chinatown for fear of being seized, butchered, and eaten.  Shame on you…


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