The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Sunday, Oct 27. SUNDAY FUN DAY

1383564_1389768654594379_1656686699_n 1381650_1389768704594374_1103473413_n 1010159_1389768587927719_608190257_n 1377344_162795023928005_1259816309_n 1378355_1389768627927715_678901900_n 1012485_1389768761261035_1243293191_n 558510_1389768861261025_2062581177_n 575722_1389768677927710_340379558_n 923399_1389768834594361_303612337_n 999095_1389768784594366_1048598117_n 397501_1389768601261051_1813778213_n 531862_1389768731261038_437950522_n

On Facebook ( every Sunday we post pics of us in our normal habitat.

Check out what we did this Sunday!


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