The Many Adventures of Sir Edmund & Lady Emily

I write corgi related stories about everyday life and current events.

Sir Edmund Having An Exciting TIme In London

Sir Edmund appears to be having an exciting time in London at the moment, judging by the pictures he just sent recently.  Sir Edmund had the opportunity to meet my favourite actor Daniel Craig, and also was captured alongside the suave secret agent in Buckingham Palace for the opening ceremony video footage.  Since everyone knows I am a huge James Bond fan, I’m hoping Sir Edmund didn’t forget to ask Daniel for an autograph for Daddy.  Supposedly there were three individuals who jumped out of the helicopter for the opening ceremonies: Queen Elizabeth II, James Bond, and Sir Edmund (is there anything my baby boy is not capable of doing?).  Sir Edmund, being a small breed dog, was not visible in the parachute jump on television, but fortunately a news photographer captured Sir Edmund as he descended into view (see below).  Other pics which were shot by Sir Edmund include relatives on the Great Britain rowing team, relatives from MI6 blending in with the Olympic fans, and other assorted Olympic moments celebrated by family members.
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